2020 Australian Shadows Awards Winners

The winners of the 2020 Australian Shadows Awards have been announced.

Huge congratulations to all the winners of the 2020 Australian Shadows Awards, and massive congratulations to everyone on every shortlist. A tremendous achievement and proof that horror in Australia is healthy as hell. Biggest thanks to the AHWA Committee for keeping this ship afloat, to Matt Tighe for being our man on Twitter, and especial thanks to all the volunteer Shadows Awards judges – you guys are absolute rock stars. Keep reading and writing the dark stuff.

The winners are:

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AHWA Interview with: Dan Rabarts

Can you tell us a little about yourself and the major influences on your writing?

I live just outside of Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand, raising two kids and trying to fit in all of my passions around the day job: writing, music, football, and drinking good beer and gin. Aside from the landscape of my youth, which involved a lot of bush and coastline, some of my biggest writerly influences include kiwi SFFH author Hugh Cook, inimitable satirist Terry Pratchett, the art of H.R. Giger, and the music of Bruce Dickinson.

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Welcome to The Redback Room!

Join host Kyla Lee Ward as she spends an hour every second month with the best horror and dark fiction writers in Australasia. Guests will read a small sample of their work, and chat about their methods, influences, fears and anything else Kyla can draw out of them.

The Redback Room is a live Zoom event presented by the AHWA. Current AHWA Members will be able to watch the live broadcast and ask questions during the Q&A. Each session will be recorded and posted to the AHWA YouTube channel after broadcast, where it will live on in perpetuity for the viewing masses.

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P’rea Press and the Savage Menace of Tierney

P’rea Press is announcing the reissue of the acclaimed Savage Menace and Other Poems by Richard L. Tierney in expanded illustrated edition. Originally published in 2010, the reprint includes thirty-six new and previously uncollected gems from the hand of the poet master. Tierney wrote six Red Sonja novels with David C. Smith and his own ‘Simon of Gitta’ Howard themes of warriors against the Great Old Ones of Lovecraft.

“Since the death of Clark Ashton Smith we have had few poets who could claim mastery at fantastic verse. Tierney is close to the forefront of macabre poets.” (S. T. JOSHI)

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2020 Australian Shadows Awards finalists announced!

The entries have been entered, the judges have read and judged. Great deliberations were made to decide who from Australasia had made the greatest contributions to dark fiction in the plague year of 2020. And now, decisions!

Firstly, enormous thanks to the judging panels for their tireless hard work in volunteering to judge. It’s a big task and every single one of them performed admirably. On behalf of the AHWA and all the entrants, thank you!

Congratulations to everyone shortlisted for this year’s Awards. A truly wonderful array of subject and author on display here. Horror is, indeed, very healthy.

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