Announcing Midnight Echo Issue 17

We are very pleased to announce the contents of Midnight Echo Issue 17. Massive thanks to guest editor, Greg Chapman, for pulling together another stellar issue of the flagship magazine of the Australasian Horror Writers’ Association.

That cover is fantastic, the artwork is by Shane K Ryan (click on it for a bigger version). The Table of contents is shown below. We’re excited to bring you another issue – it should be out some time in the next couple of months, so watch this space.

“Smothered, Still and Silent” (poem) by Deb Sheldon

“Hand and Heart” by Geraldine Borella

“La Belle Morte Sans Merci” by Kat Clay

“The House Contrition Built” (poem) by Rebecca Fraser

“Restless” by DI Russell

“The Fruits of Labour” by Mark Towse

“Fearful Symmetry” by Stephen Dedman

“The Hole In Emily’s Heart” by Michael Hughes

“Feathers” by Chris Mason

“The Lighthouse” by Claire Fitzpatrick

“The Tub” by J. Ashley-Smith

2021 Short Story competition winner “Test of Death” by Michael Botur

2021 Flash Fiction competition winner “Animal Parade” by Dani Ringrose

“Visitation Rites” by Matthew R Davis

“Universe, Devoured” by Pamela Jeffs

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