Man-Beast by Deborah Sheldon

Set in the Australian outback 1913, Man-Beast by award-winning author Deborah Sheldon is out now from Severed Press.

The back-cover blurb: Taylor’s Travelling Troupe of boxers has set up its tent at an isolated sheep station: bored farmers always bet to excess. Headlining the bare-knuckle fighters is Bluey, marketed as ‘The Man-Beast’, a Sasquatch-like monster, chained and kept drunk enough to fight punters without killing them. But the troupe has returned to where Bluey was first captured. Recognising the mountains, he calls again and again. And when his call is answered, all hell breaks loose.

The novella is available in ebook format and paperback.

For more on Deborah Sheldon, visit Deborah’s website.

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