MIDNIGHT ECHO 16 is now available

Midnight Echo 16, guest-edited by Tim Hawken, is now available from Amazon!

“I was seriously blown away by how much talent we have in our horror community in the region,” said Hawken. “It was a real honour to be able to get a first look at a lot of these pieces and be horrified, thrilled, and entertained in equal measure.” 

Featuring fiction, non-fiction and poetry by  Fiona L Renton, Naomi Hatchman, John Grey, Jane Brown, Jeff Clulow, Emma Nayfie, Jacqui Greaves, Erol Engin, Melanie Harding-Shaw, Claire Fitzpatrick, Geraldine Borella, PS Cottier, Geneve Flynn, Ron Schroer, Deborah Sheldon, Liz Simrajh, Louise Zedda-Sampson, Tabatha Wood, Martin Livings, Rebecca Fraser, Bronwyn Todd, Erin Munzunberger, Greg Chapman, Pauline Yates, & Tim Hawken.

Midnight Echo 16


Issue 13 – Guest edited by Paul Mannering with co-editors Helen Stubbs and Isobel Blackthorn

Issue 12 – Edited by Shane Jiraiya Cummings and Anthony Paul Ferguson

Issue 11 – Edited by Kaaron Warren

Issue 10 – Edited by Craig Bezant

Issue 9 – Edited by G.N. Braun

Issue 8 – Edited by Marty Young

Issue 7 – Edited by Daniel I. Russell

Issue 6 – Edited by David Conyers, Jason Fischer and David Kernot

Dead of Night: Best of Midnight Echo (1-11), Edited by Shane Jiraiya Cummings

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