P’rea Press and the Savage Menace of Tierney

P’rea Press is announcing the reissue of the acclaimed Savage Menace and Other Poems by Richard L. Tierney in expanded illustrated edition. Originally published in 2010, the reprint includes thirty-six new and previously uncollected gems from the hand of the poet master. Tierney wrote six Red Sonja novels with David C. Smith and his own ‘Simon of Gitta’ Howard themes of warriors against the Great Old Ones of Lovecraft.

“Since the death of Clark Ashton Smith we have had few poets who could claim mastery at fantastic verse. Tierney is close to the forefront of macabre poets.” (S. T. JOSHI)

Savage Menace by Richard Tierney

“Dark wit, unflagging imagination, grasp of meter, impeccable craftsmanship, Tierney’s expressive skills are enviable indeed.” (RAMSEY CAMPBELL)

“Tierney’s verse is a powerful extension of the tradition of which he is a part. He has produced some of the finest weird sonnets since Lovecraft and Wandrei.” (Darrell Schweitzer)

“Dick Tierney is a Virgil guiding us into precisely described regions of horror, fear, dark irony, and cheerless cosmic awareness.” (David  C. Smith)

The volume will be available in June 2021 from P’rea Press or from booksellers for $20AU/$16US plus postage. A presale offer is made by P’rea: order before the printing date for $16US with postage included. Contact P’rea via dannyL58@hotmail.com for this exclusive deal.

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