IFWG’s ‘Uncaching the Treasures’ Campaign

Speculative Fiction House IFWG Publishing will be launching its ‘Uncaching the Treasures’ Campaign in February 2021.

Successful independent fantasy, horror and science fiction house IFWG Publishing (International and Australian imprints) will launch its ‘Uncaching the Treasures’ campaign in February 2021, it was announced today by Managing Director Gerry Huntman.

Huntman expanded:

“2020 was a horrid year for the world, and the book publishing industry was certainly one of its casualties. IFWG reacted early in the pandemic, deciding to delay release of the majority of its 2020 catalogue of new titles into 2021, and slowing marketing of several titles that were released just prior and during COVID-19. This decision was vindicated—in the US our distributor’s sales reduced by over 70%, and returns trebled. We limited the damage and weathered the storm.

“We didn’t just hunker down in the bunker. We continued our projects, setting up our upcoming titles (former 2020 and 2021) and placed them in print-ready states and queued for release in 2021. We already have 12 titles in this queue and the majority have firm release dates. There will be more.

“In effect, we cached our treasures of 2020—the majority of our intended releases, as well as several titles that didn’t stand a chance as their releases were met with the pandemic. Each and every one of these titles are outstanding (treasures) and we want readers to be given the chance to discover them.

“From 1 February 2021 until 30 June 2021 we will unearth these cached treasures. In a packed schedule we will hold physical and virtual launches, review cycles, give-aways, competitions, interviews, and information and sales events, including at pop-culture conventions. Late in January 2021 we will publish the schedule, and like everything in this world, we will fine tune/augment/adjust where necessary. This will be organised from our Australian headquarters, but it will be a world-wide campaign.”

New titles queued for this campaign can be found at this link.

Other new titles will be added to this queue, as well as the following current titles:

A comprehensive communication strategy will coordinate with the campaign. To get all the information you need, subscribe to their mailing list, which can be found HERE.

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