Prismatic is back after 16 years!

Edwina Grey is pleased to announce that her Aurealis award-winning tale of madness, memory and plague has been republished after sixteen years.

History is out to get you.

Jacqueline is a struggling academic. Unless she can kickstart her failed thesis, she will lose everything she’s ever dreamed of. A lucky find leads to the discovery of a lifetime—a cache of documents detailing a century-old murder.

But as Jacqueline digs into the records, a mysterious plague strikes Sydney—identical to the illness detailed in the historical documents, causing unnatural outbreaks of violence and madness. And the man she made the discovery with—biologist Daniel O’Connor—may be the source of the infection. An ancient conspiracy surfaces, desperate to bury the ancient truth.

Edwina Grey, of course, is David Carroll, Evan Paliatseas and Kyla Lee Ward, who teamed up to complete a book for Lothian’s “dark thriller” line. “We were united in our desire to submit something genuinely Australian in theme and setting. So we combined forces, with the concept of some kind of local horror that might manifest in different time periods, the earlier manifestations being available to the later through journals and letters.”

With a stunning new cover from Greg Chapman, Prismatic is available as an ebook and paperback through all the regular online outlets, as well as

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