This Attraction Now Open Till Late

Kyla Lee Ward’s premiere short story collection has been released by Independent Legions Publishing.

Enter a dark carnival where nothing is as it seems, in this collection of thirteen tales by award-winning author Kyla Lee Ward. Each exhibit tantalises with a mix of horror, seduction and blackest humour.

A masked apparition tempts a struggling musician. Tourists in the City of Assassins seek a truly authentic experience. Gargoyles and angels battle for the future of a university. Firefighters confront the spectre of what has burned before. Actors in a funfair haunt realise where the true horror lies. A wax-working necromancer plots vengeance for the death of her lover.

This menagerie of stories represents twenty years of publication by a unique voice in contemporary weird and Gothic fiction, and will enthrall enthusiasts of thoughtful horror and dark fantasy.

“No devotee of the truly weird will want to be without this book.” — S. T. Joshi, multiple award-winning literary critic, author of I Am Providence.

Available through Amazon.

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