Australian Shadows Awards 2021 Finalists

We are very excited to release the list of finalists for the 2021 Australian Shadows Awards. Firstly, let us just say that the quality of published dark fiction right now is mind-blowing. Our judges had a hell of a time choosing shortlists. Huge thanks to all those judges for their hard work. Congratulations to everyone whose work appears below.

Winners will be announced at a special live Zoom event on the evening of Tuesday April 12th. More details and links to come. Meanwhile, please join us in congratulating this year’s Australian Shadows Awards finalists:


Vampire Poetry by Kyla Lee Ward (Hippocampus Press)

I’m Looking Right At You, HP Lovecraft by Jack Dann (IFWG)

The Curious Reclassification of Peter Benchley’s Jaws by Kris Ashton (Aurealis Magazine)

Capturing Ghosts on the Page by Kaaron Warren (Brain Jar Press)

Murder Down Under by Anthony Ferguson (Exposit Books)


“When The Girls Began To Fall” by Geneve Flynn (Tortured Willows: Bent. Bowed. Unbroken. Yuriko Publishing LLC)

“Sonnet for a Scarecrow” by Rebecca Fraser (Curioser Magazine, issue 1)

“Cheongsam” by Lee Murray (Tortured Willows: Bent. Bowed. Unbroken. Yuriko Publishing LLC)

“Guest of Honour” by Geneve Flynn (Tortured Willows: Bent. Bowed. Unbroken. Yuriko Publishing LLC)

“Snip” by P.S. Cottier (Midnight Echo 16, AHWA)

“Exquisite” by Lee Murray (Tortured Willows: Bent. Bowed. Unbroken. Yuriko Publishing LLC)


Frankie’s Drive-In Ozploitation Double Feature by Aaron Harvie (Badharvie)

Goetia by Robert Buratti (Sub Rosa Publishing)

The Mycelium Complex, Issue 2 by Daniel Reed (Nautilus Illustrations)


SNAFU: Holy War, edited by Amanda J Spedding and Geoff Brown (Cohesion Press)

Midnight Echo #16, edited by Tim Hawken (AHWA)

Spawn: Weird Horror Tales About Pregnancy, Birth and Babies, edited by Deborah Sheldon (IFWG Publishing Australia)


The Tallow-Wife and Other Tales by Angela Slatter (Tartarus Press)

Tool Tales by Karron Warren (IFWG Publishing, Australia)

Seeds by Tabatha Wood (Wild Wood Books)

Inanimates by Joanne Anderton (Brain Jar Press)

Danged Black Thing by Eugen Bacon (Transit Lounge Publishing)


“Bad Apple” by Louise Pieper (Good Southern Witches, Curious Blue Press)

“A Good Big Brother” by Matt Tighe (Spawn: Weird Horror Tales About Pregnancy, Birth and Babies, IFWG Publishing Australia)

“Tagged” by Chuck McKenzie (Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine)

“The Best Medicine” by Pauline Yates (Midnight Echo 16, AHWA)

“The Steering Wheel Club” by Kaaron Warren (Giving the Devil His Due, Running Wild Press)


Ariadne, I Love You by J Ashley-Smith (Meerkat Press)

“The Waiting Room” by Matthew Davis (It Calls from the Doors, Eerie River Publishing)

Cryptid Killers by Alister Hodge (Severed Press)

“The Little One” by Rebecca Fraser (Coralesque and Other Tales to Disturb and Distract, IFWG Publishing)

Dirty Heads by Aaron Dries (Black T-Shirt Books)


Butcherbird by Cassie Hart

An Ill Wind by Martin Livings

The Girls Left Behind by J.P. Townley

Papa Lucy and the Boneman  by Jason Fischer

The Airways by Jennifer Mills

Merfolk by Jeremy Bates

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  2. […] My novelette “The Waiting Room”, from It Calls from the Doors, was recently shortlisted for the Paul Haines Award for Long Fiction in the 2021 Australian Shadows Awards! You can read the full list of worthy nominees here. […]

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