From the Waste Land – available now!

From the Waste Land – stories inspired by TS Eliot’s The Waste Land and edited by Clare Rhoden, is available to order from PS Publishing.

Plaintive ghosts, murderous relationships, the blood-seeped cold of deep space and medieval castles, parched deserts, abandoned villages, betrayed children, and more: nineteen original tales mark the centenary of TS Eliot’s dirgeful poem. In From the Wasteland, decorated writers and new voices speak in ghost tales, horror, dystopia and science fiction. With a blend of the grotesque and the sublime, the poignant and the horrifying, the sad and the stoic, these stories conjure wastelands from the 1500s to many centuries hence.

A wasteland is in your heart or in your mind. It’s in your relationship, your family, your neighbourhood, your country. Wastelands thrive in palaces and parliaments, on continents and in oceans. An entire planet can become a wasteland stretching to the edge of the universe.

The stories in this anthology span why, when, what is a wasteland. A wasteland is war and pestilence. It’s a strange god, an alien being, a vengeful spirit, each worming its way in. There’s inner wasteland of confusion, domestic wasteland of violence, ravaged wasteland of climate change. Meet the frozen emptiness of deep space, the heaving crowds of a metropolis. A queen of realms confronting a wasteland, the smallest child of an impoverished world baffled by it.

HOW each character faces the barren darkness makes each story chant.

– Clare Rhoden, editor

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