Greg Chapman delivers the scares!

Queensland author and artist Greg Chapman is re-releasing two of his novellas, the Halloween tale, The Last Night of October and the coming-of-age horror, Vaudeville.

Both titles will be published in digital and paperback formats through Omnium Gatherum Books in the US. The new editions sport cover art and illustrations by Chapman.

The Last Night of October by Greg Chapman

Seventy-year-old Gerald Forsyth dreads Halloween. Every year, on October 31st, a lone child has knocked on his door—a nightmarish reminder of a tragedy from his past. As each Halloween came and went, Gerald has been able to keep his door locked and the monstrous memory at bay, but the ravages of emphysema have left him a disgruntled and feeble-minded old man.When a new hospice nurse named Kelli arrives unexpectedly to replace his regular nurse on Halloween night, Gerald is caught unaware and before he can warn her, Kelli invites the threat into his home. The horrors that unfold will be no trick and the only treat the child will accept is the old man’s soul. Before the night ends, Gerald will have no choice but to bring his dark secret into the light.

“All in all I can’t think of another recent piece of Halloween fiction I’ve enjoyed as much as The Last Night of October. And from an Australian, yet.” – Lisa Morton, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Trick or Treat: A History of Halloween.

The Last Night of October is available from Omnium Gatherum Books, or as ebook and print formats from Amazon.

Vaudeville (print pre-orders are available from Omnium Gatherum Books).

Vaudeville by Greg Chapman

Young Anthony Moore is desperate to discover the truth about his father’s death. In Keaton Woods, the truth is waiting for him, held by vengeful demons. “The All-American Traveling Troubadours” have a dark story to perform—all they need is an audience of four young souls. Anthony is about to discover just what he is willing to sacrifice in order to seek answers.

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