OUT NOW! Ghost Recall (Eli Carver 3) by Alan Baxter

Ghost Recall bottles the essence of impending doom that drives the most powerful noir. A haunted man walks the neon streets of a soulless town and all around walls of darkness close in like the steel teeth of a trap. Vintage Baxter: fast, sleek, and bloody-minded.” Laird Barron, author of Swift to Chase

Ghost Recall (Eli Carver 3) by Alan Baxter is out now from Grey Matter Press! To read an excerpt, and for full purchasing options, CLICK HERE.

Life has calmed down for Eli Carver. Enjoying the high-stakes spoils of his new girlfriend’s gambling wins, the duo are living large in Las Vegas. It’s the most peaceful time he can recall. But when things are quiet, Eli finds trouble.

Dragged into the strange machinations of a secret society, Eli finally has to face all the things he’s been ignoring if he hopes to make it out the other side. And even then, things won’t ever be the same again. Eli and his ghosts are up against powerful adversaries as violence and dark magic combine with mind-bending consequences. Strap yourself in for the third instalment of award-winning author Alan Baxter’s unrelenting Eli Carver supernatural thriller series.

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