*Snap* Review of DRACULA: VOYAGE OF THE DEMETER by J. M. Merryt

I would like to say thank you for the opportunity to watch this movie, and the chance to share my thoughts.

I admit I went into this movie with knowledge of the original book canon. If you somehow have not interacted with the Dracula canon somehow, there will be spoilers for a 127-year-old book.

I was prepared for what would happen: everyone dies, and the Demeter gets shipwrecked. Regardless, I got attached to some of the characters. Anna, Clemens, Captain Eliot, Toby and the dog.

The movie was limited by the original story for that reason: there was no way that Mina and co. would encounter Dracula if the ship did not make landfall. The characters would not be able to overcome the monster who was picking them off one by one, and any attempt to scuttle the ship would end in failure.

I was intrigued by the implication that Clemens was Van Helsing: His profession as a doctor, his knowledge of the then-radical treatment of blood transfusions — used to treat Anna and Toby, and Lucy in the novel.

Ultimately, this was a decent movie, and a lot of the flaws could be handwaved by “they had to die” (such as the idiotic plan to hunt for Dracula at night, rather than abandoning ship during the day). As someone who is a fan of the niche subgenre of doomed voyage horror, this spoke to me. I was pleased by how the plot adhered to canon and I would watch it again.

The AWHA gifted five members a double pass to DRACULA: VOYAGE OF THE DEMETER from the good people at StudioCanal. DRACULA: VOYAGE OF THE DEMETER (aka THE LEGEND OF DRACULA) is now available on streaming services.