Huge thanks to the awesome J. S. Breukelaar for stepping up as guest editor for issue 18 of the AHWA’s flagship publication, MIDNIGHT ECHO, coming to you in October with amazing cover art by Meg Wright and typesetting and layout by Greg Chapman. This issue is CURSED and we’re proud to announce J. S. Breukelaar’s chosen contributing authors and artists (in alphabetical order):

A. M. Joseph

Brent McGregor

Chloe Herczeg (internal illustration)

Chris Mason

Claire Fitzpatrick (non-fiction)

Dmitri Akers

Em Starr

Feby Idrus

Fiona Renton

Joseph Townsend (2022 Short Story comp winner)

Kaaron Warren (2022 AsylumFest ghost story winner)

Kate Pozzobon

Leanh B Pearson (2022 Flash Fiction comp winner)

Mason Hawthorne

Matthew R. Davis

Matthew Scott

Meg Wright (cover art)

N King

Pauline Yates

Penny Durham

Zachary Ashford

Watch the AHWA pages for news of when the issue will be available for purchase (soon!)

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